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When a website wants to inform its users about the made updates or changes in its Terms & Conditions, a Term & Conditions Change Notice can be used. 

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Template overview Template Overview

When a website wants to inform its users about the made updates or changes in its Terms & Conditions, a Term & Conditions Change Notice can be used. 

From time to time, a website has to make changes in its Terms & Conditions, as a result of an updated business model, adding or removing some features, such as a new or updated law. Therefore, the changes of Terms & Conditions may vary, and when significant modifications are made to the way a website interacts with its user, the Terms & Conditions document has to be updated as well.

Since the primary Terms & Conditions document is broad and contains all of the details about the website owners' identities and other specific information related to the company's data, the Terms & Conditions Change Notice is straightforward itself. The main purpose of the notice is to notify the users of the changes within the legal agreement.

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How to use this template How to use this template

The document only requires to fill out the name and URL of the website and is considered as a simple document. Also, information about the new Terms & Conditions, such as when and where it will be published, has to be entered as well.

Finally, for the bulk of the document, details on the specific changes will be filled out. In this document, users would ideally be given not only clear information about the changes, but also the reasons why changes have been made to the Terms & Conditions, in as much as detail as possible.

A completed document should be emailed to users and published on the website. Users need every opportunity to be informed of how their agreement with the website has changed, so the more conspicuous the Terms & Conditions Change Notice can be, the better.

Applicable law Applicable law

No set of laws or regulations outline what must be put into a Terms & Conditions Change Notice. However, website disclosures are governed under U.S. Common Law and the consumer advertising laws of the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, for those companies which may process the data of EU citizens and who may include that information in their Terms.


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