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Anyone who wants to use a creative work but does not own the rights can use this Intellectual Property Permission Letter.

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Template overview Template Overview

Anyone who wants to use a creative work but does not own the rights can use this Intellectual Property Permission Letter. There are various ways in which intellectual property can be used. Sometimes you have to pay for such use, but sometimes it is enough to agree on other terms. In order to be able to use intellectual property legally, you must first send a request to the intellectual property creator (or the person who currently owns it).

Intellectual property covers many areas. It can be paintings, films, books, articles, speeches, or any other creative work. If you have found a work that you would like to use, first find out what conditions are applicable. Then send a request to the owner to use the work. A letter is a much more effective way to contact the owner or creator than a phone call because it is written proof that you are seeking his permission.

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How to use this template How to use this template

You can use this document to obtain legal consent for the use of wanted intellectual property work. The sender of the letter may attach a picture of the work requested, although this is optional. The letter includes everything that it takes for the intellectual property owner to consider your request.

The letter includes a description of the intellectual property and the purpose of the use. The sender of the message may indicate in the message that he wishes to receive a written reply to confirm that permission has been obtained.

A completed document should be printed and signed. We recommend sending the letter trough Certified Mail.

Applicable law Applicable law

No laws govern Intellectual Property Permission Letters. Overall, intellectual property in the United States is covered under primarily federal law, with the primary statute applicable being the Copyright Act of 1976. We recommend adding as much information as possible, as this will allow the intellectual property owner to decide more quickly whether they want to permit you.

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