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A Termination of Tenancy Letter is a tool for a Tenant to notify his Landlord that he plans to move out of the leased property before the Lease expires.

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A Termination of Tenancy Letter is a tool for a Tenant to notify his Landlord that he plans to move out of the leased property before the lease expires. Tenants often intend to terminate the Lease before the initial end due for many reasons, such as marriage, divorce, or a new job in a completely different location. Although early termination of the lease often causes problems, due notice can facilitate the process for both the Tenant and the Landlord. 

The document should only be used if you wish to terminate the lease before its original termination date. If a Tenant wants to stay until the end of the lease but does not wish to extend it for the next period, then he should use another document, a Notice of Intent to Vacate letter. (ideti nuoroda)

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How to use this template How to use this template

This letter describes the location of the leased property, the commencement date of the lease, the initial date of termination of the contract, and the new date on which the tenant plans to leave the premises. In the letter, the Tenant may also specify whether a new Tenant has already been found to take over the remaining Lease. If yes, the Tenant may indicate the contact details of the new Tenant to facilitate the takeover of the lease. Also, the letter leaves the Tenant with an option to specify a forwarding address, ensuring his Landlord has the correct address to return the deposit to.

Once completed, the Tenant should save a copy for himself and send the original signed copy to the Landlord via certified mail. Verified mail protects both the Tenant and the Landlord and prevents further disputes.

Applicable law Applicable law

The law of individuals states usually governs lease Agreements. The different requirement applies in each state regarding the notice period a Tenant must provide before leaving a leased property. However, almost every state requires written notice before moving out. Besides, many states require the Tenant to help find a new tenant to replace him, thereby compensating for the rest of the lease.

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