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This document is used when the original lease agreement needs to be changed or supplemented.

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Template overview Template Overview

A Lease Amendment Agreement can assist in modifying the original lease. To be more specific, this document is used when the original lease agreement needs to be changed or supplemented.

This contract only contains essential information, so the document is quite short and straightforward. The document must include only the names and other identifying information of the parties, the amendment start date, the name of the landlord, etc. 

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How to use this template How to use this template

With this Lease Amendment Agreement, you will be able to set out all the necessary facts and obligations to make the new amendment effective. The agreement also states that both the Landlord and Tenant agree to modify and change the lease's terms.

Both residential and commercial leases are eligible for the use of this contract.

Note that the essential part of this letter is the section describing the actual amendment, which will be entered while filling out the document.

Once completed, we recommend printing the document and signing it. Then attach it with the original Lease document. The amendment is considered valid only when both parties have signed the documents.

Applicable law Applicable law

The individual state laws generally govern lease Agreements in the USA, and so Lease Amendment Agreements are the subject of it as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency governs the disclosure of lead-based paint warnings in all rentals in the States. If a lead-based paint disclosure has not been included in the lease, it should be included in the amendment. Distinct from that, however, required disclosures and lease terms will be based on the laws of the state, and sometimes county, where the property is located.

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