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This document is used when the client wants to request the repair of an item, which was purchased under a valid warranty. 

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This document, called a Warranty Repair Request Letter, is used when the client wants to request the repair of an item, which was purchased under a valid warranty. Usually, electronics, automobiles, appliances, collectibles, and other valuables are covered under a warranty that guarantees a repair or a replacement if damaged or broken in a particular time. 

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How to use this document How to use this document

This template has all the necessary information for a request to repair an item that has a valid warranty. The following information must be given: the name of the item, the purchase date, the description of the repair, and the date when the item was broken. This letter also points out whether the item has the original manufacturer's warranty or is covered under the extended one.

The completed letter should be sent to the recipient by the certified mail to be recognized as an official record. 


Applicable law Applicable law

Suitable local, state, and federal laws govern warranties. 

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