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The Letter to Disable Automatic Billing is a notification requesting a company or organization to discontinue the automatic billing.

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Template overview Template Overview

The Letter to Disable Automatic Billing is a notification requesting a company or organization to discontinue the automatic billing. The main aim of this letter is to inform a company with information they need about a customer and his account to completely stop the automated billing process.

Even if some companies have an option to call them by phone and ask for an automatic billing cessation, the best way is to do this by formal request to keep everything recorded and prevent any future disputes. Note that formal requests are always executed in written form.

You can use this letter in any situation when needed to stop the automatic billing process. The message can be used for several purposes - banks or any other consumer companies.

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How to use this template How to use this template

This letter is a kindly reminder to stop the automatic billing.

In the document, the form filler will enter the essential data about each party. If needed, it can include the sender's name, address, as well as an email and phone number, as it makes the whole process way easier. Company information, such as a representative's name and title, can also be inserted. 

The document must have information about the automatic billing, such as the amount and how often it is billed, as well as the specific cancellation of the authorization. Without this data, the document is not valid.

Most revocations of automatic billing letters do not require any attached records, though the company may require additional information after the first letter is received.

Applicable law Applicable law

This letter is subject to both Federal and individual state laws within the United States. One relevant Federal law covering this area is the Restore Online Shoppers' Confidence Act (ROSCA).

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