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The employer can use this Employee Termination Letter in order to terminate employees.

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The employer can use this Employee Termination Letter in order to terminate employees. This means that in the letter, the employers let their employees know all the details about the termination, how and why they will be terminated, and other information related to it. Employee Termination Letters are one-sided, and no negotiation between the employee and the employer is happening.

Employee Termination Letters are a courtesy that a company provides to an employee and not a legal requirement. However, having a termination letter on file is always a good idea in case of any unforeseen claims made by the former employee against the company or in the attempt by the former employee to collect unemployment pay.

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How to use this document How to use this document

In this letter, the employer should fill out the information about the grievances that the company has against the former employee, and, if applicable, the policy violations committed by the employee. Note that the employer has to include details about the types of warnings given to the employee earlier, as well as final paycheck and benefits information.

General topics which should be included by the employer:

- What company policies the employee failed to comply with

- How they were cautioned against this behavior

- What benefits they are still entitled to

- When their final paycheck will be disbursed and how

The completed document should be given to the employee. We recommend keeping the original copy within the employers' files. 


Applicable law Applicable law

In the US, individual state laws govern employment documents, except for fair labor laws promulgated by the federal government.

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