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When a non-profit organization wishes to utilize volunteers for their service, they can use this Volunteer Agreement.

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When a non-profit organization wishes to utilize volunteers for their service, they can use this Volunteer Agreement. As most of these companies have limited funding, they can avail themselves of the volunteers. A well-done volunteer agreement will cover the release of liability that is acknowledged by the volunteer. It will also include an indemnification provision for each party.

Note that this document is not hiring an employee paper. It is only valid in the case of volunteer service.

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How to use this template How to use this template

A non-profit organization wanting to create a valid agreement with a volunteer can use this document. This agreement is considered as straightforward and easy to fill, as it only contains necessary information about the volunteering services. It cannot be used by a commercial entity, as for-profit businesses may not have volunteers in the United States.

The person filling the document will have to enter the identifying information about the volunteer and the organization, as well as the title of the volunteer's role and the specific volunteer's services.

If the organization wishes to reimburse the volunteer for certain expenses, it is possible to add that information too. Then some additional information will be entered, such as the name of the volunteer supervisor and an emergency contact.

A completed document should be printed and signed by both parties. We recommend keeping copies in case any future disputes arise.

Applicable law Applicable law

In the US, both federal and specific state laws govern Volunteering and Volunteer Agreements. The federal Volunteer Protection Act protects non-profit volunteers for their acts or omissions on behalf of the organization. State laws, however, may limit and restrict how volunteers work and for whom.

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