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A document through which a retreat organizer defines the retreat terms for the guests of retreats is called A Retreat Agreement.

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Template overview Template Overview

A document through which a retreat organizer defines the retreat terms for the guests of retreats is called A Retreat Agreement. The organizer can be both an individual person or an organized business. In other words, this agreement binds the guest of the retreat and is one-sided: no negotiation is available in this case. Most often, the agreement is published online, where the guest can read it and become aware of the specifics of the contract.

A Retreat Agreement can be used for all the different types of retreats: physical activities retreats, meditation retreats, educational retreats, and more. The terms of this Retreat Agreement will apply to any particular type of the retreat because it is well-drafted to cover the retreat organizer and shield them from liability.

It is a well-known practice for the guests to sign these agreements in exchange for the guest to be able to participate in the retreat.

This document is similar to a Retreat Waiver, though it is much more extended. A Retreat Waiver only releases the retreat organizer from liability. Meantime, a Retreat Agreement not only does that but also includes many more rich details about the actual retreat.

Note that in the following states, waivers included as a part of agreements have been held invalid and, therefore, will likely not be sufficient: Connecticut, Louisiana, Montana, and Virginia

Note that in the following states, the effectiveness of this document may be in question: Arizona and Hawaii. 


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How to use this template How to use this template

Any organizer can use this document for any type of the retreat. In the document, the organizer has to describe what the retreat is about: the location, name, type, departure, and return dates, etc. Standard release clauses are also specified in the document. This may be the legal clauses in case of any injury or other.

A completed document should be posted online for the guests to read.

Applicable law Applicable law

General contract principles govern Retreat Agreements. The Retreat Agreement is also subject to individual state laws.

As previously mentioned, individual states may not permit waiver agreements to determine their effectiveness on a case-by-case basis.

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