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In this document, the service provider contracts with the client to provide services related to the particular animal.

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Template overview Template Overview

A Pet Care Agreement is a document concluded between the service provider ( the pet guardian) and the client (the pet owner). In other words, in this document, the service provider contracts with the client to provide services related to the particular animal. These services can be any type of pet care, such as walking a dog or taking care of a hamster. In A Pet Care Agreement, both parties should discuss information related to the care of an animal. 

Therefore, this document must clearly state the conditions and requirements for the service provider. The client must specify the exact services required, including supervision's dates, so that the service provider would be thoroughly familiar with all the information.

While creating a Pet Care Agreement, the client will be able to enter all the relevant information of both parties. Mostly it is a description of services, pricing, and payment terms.

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How to use this template How to use this template

The document requires you to enter identifying information: the names and addresses of the parties, other detailed contact information, such as telephone numbers and email addresses. The document will also include the details, such as the start date, duration of services, and what exactly they'll be.

All the information about the animal - name, sex, age, type of animal, history of behavior (biting) - must be stated in the contract. Besides, it is possible to describe the animal's medical needs or other information about general care (whether the animal has certain habits, is it friendly to everyone, etc.).

No doubts that the Pet Care Agreement is a perfect solution for both parties. It is as useful for the Client to create this contract when hiring as for the service provider when looking for a great job.

Applicable law Applicable law

In the US, no specific laws govern Pets Care Agreements. Still, these agreements are the subject to individual states, that covers the general principles of contracts, such as formation and mutual understanding.

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