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A freelancer, who wants to establish a new relationship with a client, can use a Freelance Agreement. Alternatively, the document can be used by the client who wants to hire the freelancer.

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Template overview Template Overview

Freelance Agreement is created between two parties. The first one is the client (the party hiring the freelancer), and the other is the freelancer (the party providing services). In this agreement, the freelancer agrees to provide certain freelance services for a specific fee.

This document differs from the Employment Agreement. The services provided by the freelancer are independent contractor relationships and are not regulated as employment relationships. To achieve fair labor laws, employee compensation, and benefits, independent contractors and employees are subject to different oversight by state and federal laws. Taxes also apply differently.

Freelancers may focus on several categories of work. They can do both article writing and proofreading or else. Therefore, the parties in the agreement must fill in a clear description of the freelancer's services provided.

Freelance Agreements are quite similar to Service Agreements. However, these documents differ in that the Freelance Agreement applies only to freelancers and is not appropriate for any service relationship. It is common for freelancers to be hired for a limited period and to work on individual projects and/or short series for projects. Also, this work is mostly intellectual (such as editing, writing, programming). Meanwhile, a Service Relationship is not that strict and is a more general, unbiased document and can cover any type of non-employment service, even physical labor.

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How to use this template How to use this template

A freelancer, who wants to establish a new relationship with a client, can use a document. Alternatively, the document can be used by the client who wants to hire the freelancer. In the document, you'll be able to answer the questions about the required identifying information. That is, whether the parties are individuals or businesses, and their addresses and other contact information. You will also need to specify the main agreement's arrangement, such as the freelancer's service type, fees, termination.

This Freelance Agreement is a great tool to define and clarify the responsibilities and rights of both parties.

After the completion of the agreement, we recommend that you print the document out, sign it for both parties, and keep a copy.


Applicable law Applicable law

In the US, federal and state laws regulate Freelance Agreements. They cover general contract principals, such as formation and mutual understanding. Federal regulations have the potential to restrict the scope of freelance services (for example, it is not possible to engage in illegal activities) and specific categories (for example, contracts that are actually employment relationships). 


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