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The document, through which the software's developer/owner extensively licenses the software for online users, is called an End-User License Agreement. This document is commonly used to sell software online.

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Template overview Template Overview

The document, through which the software's developer/owner extensively licenses the software for online users, is called an End-User License Agreement, sometimes known as EULA. EULAs are commonly used to sell software online. Still, there are cases, when individuals or companies also regulate the provision of this software trough EULAs, even though they share their software for free.


The EULA is an excellent tool for software's developer/owner who wants to share it with the public since the owner himself sets all the terms for sharing the software. The software of various types or complexities may be provided through the EULA. It can be any software that will be publicly available.


The EULA document on any website or mobile application will provide the user with legally binding rules on the use or sharing of the software (if applicable). A comprehensive EULA will also specify what is forbidden in the software, such as reverse assembly or security braches.


This document differs from a Licensing Agreement. In a Licensing Agreement, any type of intellectual property licensing is possible, from copyright to trademark. It also has two specific Parties, the Licensor and the Licensee. The opposite is in the EULA, where the software's owner licenses software for public use.

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How to use this template How to use this template

This EULA document provides you with a detailed description of the software and its license. The document will also allow fill out additional restrictions if the owner's wishes. The contract also leaves extra space for different categories of licenses if there is more than one.


Most online EULAs is for small-to-medium sized business, so this document is easy and straightforward to fill out.


The completed document should be posted on a separate web page or mobile application where it is possible to purchase the software. 

Applicable law Applicable law

No set of laws defines what must be in an End-User License Agreement. However, licensed intellectual property will be subject to the U.S. Patent Act or the U.S. Copyright Act. The federal trademark statute, the Lanham Act, may also apply.


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