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Corporate Bylaws set out the rules for how a corporation should operate.

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Template overview Template Overview

Corporate Bylaws set out the rules for how a corporation should operate.

In most states, it is required to fill these kinds of documents at the early stage of the corporation's life. Usually, the first document to fill in is the Articles Of Incorporation (ideti linka). Shortly after, the Corporate Bylaws are filled out as well. Bylaws are the documents that underlie the entire operational structure of a corporation.

Bylaws cover the significant corporate business's aspects: shareholders, directors, meeting information, officers.

Corporate Bylaws can also be drafted for a non-profit corporation (ideti linka), which contains many of the same provisions except those relating to shareholders.


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How to use this template How to use this template

The document contains information about the corporation. Firstly, the person filing the document has to answer the questions about general corporate information, such as the corporation's name and its type, as well as the state. Later, it is required to put additional essential details about the shareholders' annual meetings, its date, agenda, and other.

Then, additional questions will be asked about the Board of Directors: issues such as how many directors there will be, information on their meetings, etc.

Finally, a few additional details will be covered about the corporation's financial decisions and seal, among others.

The completed document should be printed and signed by the relevant party. It can be either the corporation's Secretary or an incorporator. We recommend keeping the file as long as the corporation exists.

Applicable law Applicable law

In the United States, state-specific laws govern Corporate Bylaws. Most states point out that the Board should adopt bylaws. This means that the corporation decides what goes into the Corporate Bylaws.

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