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An Affidavit of Marriage is submitted to Court, University, or other authority to confirm that the person is married.

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Template overview Template Overview

An Affidavit of Marriage is submitted to Court, University, or other authority to confirm that the person is married. You may need to verify your marital information in order to obtain a health certificate, passport, visa, or other government documents. Ordinary cases when a person needs an Affidavit of Marriage are:

  • Misplaced or destroyed marriage record
  • An incorrect or incomplete marriage record
  • Additional proof of marriage information submitted with a marriage certificate

Once the document is completed, it can be used as an alternative to a formal marriage certificate.


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How to use this template How to use this template

This document must be completed by a person, known as the Affiant, who can confirm the circumstances of the marriage under oath. This person can be another spouse or marriage witness, officer, or a close family friend. The document must contain information about the Affiant, more particularly, his name, address, and birth date. The document then lists the wedding description, its date, and location. This document must also include information on the circumstances of the Affiant's and the subject's knowledge and factual evidence of the Affiant's knowledge.

Once completed, the Affiant should sign the document and have it notarized. He must keep a notarized certificate so that he can always use it if necessary.

Applicable law Applicable law

No laws are regulating what should be included in the Affidavit of Marriage. However, there are some generally accepted document creation practices, such as information reliability, which pursue an authority that the Affiant is qualified to attest to the circumstances of the subject's marriage.

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